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Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Which One Is Better for Newbies?
July 19, 2023

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Which One Is Better for Newbies?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are clear leaders in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency. Elon Musk, Steven Seagal, Jay-Z, and other globe-trotters have invested enormously in digital money. As media stars prefer using cryptocurrency, it reflects the credibility of Bitcoin or Ethereum in finance. Bitcoin is a generic cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum is quickly becoming a household name as a digital currency.

Let’s first understand what is the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Then we’ll analyze which crypto deserves the spotlight from newbies. Let’s find out.


Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency developed in 2009, with a ledger starting on January 3. No government or central bank controls it, just like with other cryptocurrencies. Instead, it operates on a computer network and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Its value goes up and down based on supply and demand. Some people doubt it’s a real currency, but one can use it to buy things online and even for gambling. While not many places accept Bitcoin yet, more people are starting to use it.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the original author who invented BTC, a new currency that challenges the traditional banking system. He developed Bitcoin as a new kind of money to eliminate the need for trusted third parties in online transactions. Unlike regular transactions that can be argued over, Bitcoin transactions can’t be reversed once confirmed. This lowers the risk of fraud and the need for expensive services like banks or PayPal. Not only that, Bitcoin’s development is also progressing steadily to maintain its leadership position.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is considered to be the mother of DeFi. One can use it as a unit of account, a safe place to store value, and a somewhat anonymous way to pay. It has advantages over regular money and gold. As an investor, you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum as a second choice. Best of all, you can track your transactions on the blockchain, which keeps them secure and transparent. Bitcoin can guarantee all transactions globally and instantaneously, without any external intermediary. It’s like a modern version of gold, preserving value in the changing digital world.


Now let’s move to Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency in terms of trading. People around the world are wondering: Is Ethereum better than Bitcoin? We will first describe the characteristics of this crypto, as well as price forecasts for the long term.

There was Satoshi Nakamoto with the Bitcoin case. Now we have Vitalik Buterin, a new reference who developed ETH, a digital currency that can compete with Bitcoin. It uses smart contracts to validate and secure transactions on its network. Ether is used to pay for transaction fees and to create decentralized finance and applications (DeFi/dApps) solutions.

One of Ethereum’s biggest advantages is the proof of stake mode. This shift has attracted investors and celebrities and boosted the token value. Additionally, the Ethereum network is arguably the best right now, thanks to its widespread community. This makes it popular and used by various financial applications as a trustworthy currency.

Regarding price forecasts, experts were optimistic, projecting it to reach around $2,200 in 2024 and $2,900 in 2025. In light of this, we strongly recommend using a trusted exchange platform like Binance to buy ETH or BTC.

Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Everyone knows that Ethereum and Bitcoin were invented to reduce the fees paid for each transaction. Both are the best alternative to conventional banks and their high fees. Although they are both blockchain-based, there are four key differences in the Bitcoin vs Ethereum fight:

  1. Ethereum is ahead in terms of transaction speed due to the recent ETH 2.0 updates.
  2. Ethereum transaction fees are more affordable than Bitcoin. This detail is vital for day traders who hold extensive digital assets. However, the gas fees of ETH have been growing a lot recently.
  3. The maximum number of BTC that can be produced is limited, which is not the case with ETH. There are plenty of experts who predict the 100K BTC value once the total coins are released.
  4. There is no built-in support for d`Apps in the case of Bitcoin; Ethereum has it.

All these differences give people advantages when using or investing in them. Whether you are looking at energy consumption, power used in mining, time to confirm a transaction, or even the type of investment desired, BTC vs ETH can be considered a personal choice depending on the person’s needs.

What to Choose for a Beginner to Invest in?

Most experts believe that Bitcoin is the best option as a long-term investment. The reason is that Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is more stable. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick profit, Ethereum may be the choice because of its higher volatility.

However, if you want to buy both cryptos, we suggest the new 60% BTC and 40% ETH wallet strategy. Adding both of them to your portfolio, you will manage your risk wisely.

Remember, the trend can quickly reverse the situation for these cryptocurrencies. One day, Ethereum may become a better investment tool. Whether you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you should be vigilant by following the prices, indicators, and news. Using such a smart approach, you can update your portfolio when necessary.


Although the two networks are very different, they are still giants today. Bitcoin’s reputation is more solid than its counterpart, Ethereum, due to the large number of artists and business people who adopt it as a means of payment for their projects.


  • Is there a correlation between ETH and BTC in trading?

    Both have a strong correlation in the crypto market. As two prominent crypto coins, their prices often move similarly. Moreover, retail traders need to consider this correlation when making trading decisions to maximize their potential profit.

  • Can Ethereum be used for NFT payments?

    Yes, Ethereum is widely used for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) payments. Many NFT marketplaces and platforms rely on Ethereum’s strength for their transactions, making it a popular choice for artists and collectors.

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