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Vave Ambassador Judd Trump on the World Snooker Championship dated back to 2023
April 20, 2023

Vave Ambassador Judd Trump on the World Snooker Championship dated back to 2023

Judd Trump MBE, the snooker legend lays out his plans for the upcoming World Snooker Championship and shares emotions from the recently-signed partnership with Vave

Trump, the World Snooker Tour’s Player of the Year from 2019-2021 and one of the most talented players ever, feels ‘quietly confident’ about his chances to win this year’s World Snooker Championship. Why? Because, as he believes, ‘no one’ expects him to win.

The snooker star, who won this tournament in 2019, is now playing the ‘dark horse’ role. The 33-year-old player is currently number five in the world ranking. Trump, also known as ‘The Ace in the Pack’, with 23 ranking titles in his pocket, is still a real threat. He is also among only 11 players in snooker history to have completed the Triple Crown, which is the sport’s most prestigious set of tournaments, including the World Snooker Championship, the Masters, and the UK Championship. In an interview, Trump said he is now ‘excited and ready to go.’

In February this year, Judd Trump signed a deal with us, becoming Vave’s new global brand ambassador. As we plan to expand our international marketing activities further, the iconic snooker player is a perfect choice for the brand. Trump said he is ‘very excited to represent Vave… one of the fastest growing crypto brands.’ He also noted that Vave has ‘an amazing product and super professional team behind it.’ Our representative also said that the Vave team is happy to have such a world-class player as a brand ambassador. According to the deal, the English snooker star will appear in our international marketing content and participate in various social media activities.

As part of this global deal, we have recently released an awesome 15-second promotional video depicting Judd Trump as a snooker James Bond. The commercial is 007-style with distinctive cinematography, soundtrack, and even some cool ‘spy’ gadgets, such as Trump’s hi-tech glasses. The video sends a message that the Vave-Trump connection is of the exquisite style and win-oriented approach, just like in the Bond movies. After completing a successful combination, Trump holds the Vave casino card and declares: ‘I only play with gentlemen. That’s why I use Vave.’

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