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Wazdan Review – Top Slots, Games, and Features
June 16, 2023

Wazdan Review – Top Slots, Games, and Features

In a world where there are many casinos, there is only one that has its name engraved in stone, Wazdan. This company provides a very special world to its users with its super cool game. They have been making fun slot machines for years with some exceptional technologies. Not only that, the pictures and theme customization have distinguished Wazdan from the competition. In today’s article, we will explore the magical world of the Wazdan software provider. Learn more casino providers at the Vave casino blog

Who Are Wazdan?

Wazdan online games are user-friendly and offer a challenging play experience. They started in 2010 and have been making games people love. In 2015, they started using HTML5, which made their games look even better on computers and mobile devices. Furthermore, Wazdan has got licenses from various gambling authorities. They got one from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in 2017. One year later, they got another one from the Swedish Gambling Authority. They even got a special accreditation for managing risks and information security in 2020.

Most Popular Games

There are multiple Wazdan games in the market. Till now, the company has created over 150 new online games and slots that people play in many countries. Following are two popular games with a significant win potential played in Wazdan tournaments.

Casino Roulette

Casino Roulette is the ultimate game used by the best Wazdan casino sites! You can play this classic game from your home and feel like you’re in a real casino. The table and spinning wheel look like those in a land-based casino, making it even more fun!In Casino Roulette, you have different ways to bet. You can choose red or black colours and many other possibilities. No matter how you bet, you will have a great time! Sit back and relax as you place your bets in Casino Roulette. If you’re lucky enough to pick the right number, you can win up to 36 times your stake! And if you’re feeling mega lucky, you can even double your winnings with their exciting special features.

Gold Roulette

This game is all about luxury and challenge, just like a real casino. The table and spinning wheel look realistic due to the high-quality graphics. It’s like you’re actually sitting and playing there. Playing Golden Roulette is super easy and convenient. Since it’s a single-player table, you don’t have to worry about time limits for placing bets like in live casino roulette. You just need to choose your coin and place it in the slot you bet on. Moreover, you can pick multiple positions on the playing field, which increases the chance of winning. However, the payout is smaller than when your bet range is on a single slot.Best of all, the company provides training to all players through the Wazdan demo games. It’s a way to practice their different games by giving players a virtual amount of money they can bet.

Top Slots and Games

Wazdan slots stand out as the best due to three main reasons. First, the innovative gameplay enhances the gaming experience. Second, the updated stunning graphics demonstrate how developers pay attention to details to create a captivating visual experience. Thirdly, the player customization options allow players to tailor their gameplay to their preferences. Here are some of the best Wazdan slot onlinegames with high win rates in the industry.

9 Lions

9 Lions is an exciting Wazdan slot game that has received a lot of praise. It won an award and has remained popular since its official release in 2018. The game has unique bonus features and an excellent design with three reels and rows. The rule is simple; you can win by landing four identical symbols anywhere on the reels. Also, the sticky symbols are present, meaning the highest-paying symbols stay on the reels for the next spin.There are two bonus games called Lions Bonus and Dragons Bonus. Each one has unique features. In Lions Bonus, you collect Lion symbols to trigger free spins. The goal is to fill the screen with Lion symbols for a big payout. On the other hand, Dragons Bonus is triggered by landing Dragon symbols and allows you to choose a dragon egg for a credit win. The game has outstanding graphics, a gambling feature to double your rewards, adjustable volatility, and various settings.

Sun of Fortune

Sun of Fortune is considered the best slot Wazdan game in the gambling industry. It has a cool mythical theme, like Fortune Reels, but with some unique features. Also, the game is played on a 4×4 grid; to win, you need at least eight matching symbols anywhere on the grid. The game has an impressive bonus that gives free respins. If you fill the entire grid, you win the Grand jackpot. The game has a gamble feature to double your payout, and you can adjust settings like volatility and speed.

Magic Fruits Deluxe

Magic Fruits Deluxe is a fun and colorful Wazdan game that will surely appeal to fruit slot enthusiasts. Its simple yet engaging gameplay stands out as one of my favorites in my Wazdan slots list. Additionally, the game features three reels, three rows, and five paylines, making it easy to understand and play. You must land three matching symbols on a payline to; the gameplay has nine different symbols that pay out. Moreover, the user-friendly game controls allow you to adjust settings like volatility and game speed.Not only that, they have an exciting feature called the Joker tag. This feature can appear on the lowest-paying symbols, creating the highest-paying combination. Overall, Magic Fruits Deluxe is a top game from Wazdan, providing lots of entertainment and chances for max wins.


This was all about our Wazdan review.As you can see, this company not only aspires to be top-rated but puts all its efforts and capabilities into becoming a reference in the gambling world.

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  • How can I register and sign up to play Wazdan games?

    To “register” or “sign up” to play Wazdan games, you need to visit their casino or find an online casino that offers their games. Ensure you are not listed in restricted countries, and try to read reviews as much as you can.

  • Are there any jackpot games or slots available from Wazdan?

    Yes, Wazdan offers high-rating jackpot games/slots that provide the opportunity to win big prizes.

  • Are there any blackjack or bingo games available from Wazdan?

    Wazdan primarily focuses on creating slot games. This is why they support a portfolio selection of blackjack and bingo games.

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