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What is Provably Fair in Gambling?
December 14, 2023

What is Provably Fair in Gambling?

Online gambling has seen remarkable prosperity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people started playing to pass the time and eliminate boredom while they were stuck at home. There are always doubts about the fairness and reliability of casino games. It is especially popular among unlucky players. This has made it essential for casinos to explain how their games work and what makes them fair.

In response to these concerns, this article will explain the provably fair system. A revolutionary solution making waves in online casinos. A technology used by legitimate casinos to provide fair play for all players. It eliminates every potential question related to transparency or behind the scenes!

Provably Fair Gambling Explained

To explain provably fair, it’s necessary to understand the provably fair meaning. It is a technology created to ensure equal chances in online casino games. This concept encourages users to play without being afraid of any cheating tactics that can happen from the platform or other players. To determine the fairness of your game, simply input the required information. Await a confirmation. This confirmation can serve as official proof if you discover anything suspicious.

To simplify, the provably fair algorithm is used exclusively in Bitcoin gambling, and it’s a reliable option to guarantee that nobody cheats. This technology is the future of the online gambling industry, making it the standard for legitimacy and transparency.

Now, it’s time to comprehend: how does the entire process work? The provably fair casino uses special mathematics based on the SHA256 algorithm. This algorithm consists of a series of equations to evaluate the fairness percentage of casino games. It happens through two crucial steps:

Server-Side Shuffling: The casino servers generate decks of cards and shuffle them using a random number generator (RNG). This guarantees that the cards distribution is truly random and not prearranged.

Secret & Hashing: Before starting the game, the server generates a number, referred to as the ‘secret,’ for every round. This particular ‘secret’ is converted into a ‘hash’ utilizing the SHA256 algorithm. Also, this ‘hash’ is shown to the player just before the game begins. It’s essential to note that players can use this ‘hash’ to verify that the decks haven’t been tampered with by the casino. In this manner, all individuals can verify the game’s result and guarantee that fairness and honesty prevail.

Moreover, provably fair gambling technology takes things further by allowing players to shuffle the cards personally. Let’s explain how it works.

Before starting the game, the player’s web browser creates a string. When the player makes a bet, this string goes to the casino’s servers and becomes another ‘hash.’ This new ‘hash’ starts another random number generator called the Mersenne Twister, which shuffles the cards. Since only the player knows the starting number for the generator, the online casino can’t change the results.

What are the Main Benefits of Provably Fair?

Now that you understand the working process of provably fair bitcoin games, it is essential to check out the technology’s positive aspects.

  • Transparency: provably fair gaming is what makes online gambling clear and open. Nowadays, players can easily check if the games are fair, so there are no hidden tricks.
  • More Trust: Using this technology, casinos can finally build a strong relationship with players based on trust. Gambling platforms that use this technology, such as Vave, are contributing to the industry’s development and distinguishing themselves from fraudulent projects.
  • Regulated Gaming: The algorithm prevents players and casinos from cheating. This keeps the games fair for everyone and ensures the results are far from rigged.
  • Popularity: As more casino owners learn about provably fair, they want it in their casinos. Therefore, more casinos will use it in the future to keep up with and satisfy players.
  • Reduced Conflicts: Thanks to the game’s fairness, transparency, and the ability to verify results, casinos can finally minimize conflicts with players and enhance customer relations.
  • Variety of Games: Probable Fair isn’t just for card games. It can work with classic casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and slots. So, players have better chances of finding the games they like without worrying about their authenticity.


Having made everything clear, provably fair is considered the future of this industry. It brings strong security for players and Bitcoin casinos. It also guarantees fairness, keeps things transparent, and prevents cheating. This technology will likely keep growing, making players feel safer and more trusting of online casinos.

Overall, the provably fair system is designed to please the players even after losing. It’s a way to remove all the negative prejudices that have long been prevalent about casinos. If you are interested in knowing not only how such systems work but also more, we recommend that you read our article about how online slots are created.


  • How does the SHA 256 algorithm contribute to ensuring fairness in casino games?

    The SHA-256 algorithm in a provably fair bitcoin casino is like a safety lock. It takes a unique starting number (the “Secret”) and turns it into a code that can’t be reversed. This code proves that the game is unbiased and has not been manipulated. It prevents cheating from the casino and the player. It also guarantees that the game remains fair and genuinely random.

  • Which casino uses Provably Fair Bitcoin gambling and serves as a reliable reference for new players?

    There are many casinos using the provably fair system, including Vave. There are thousands of fair games that are organized by the same algorithm so you can enjoy real thrill and random results. Finally, we have a generous welcome bonus with free spins and cashback that can be activated using the promo code “VAVEGIFT”.

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