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How to Invest in Bitcoin Without Buying It
September 13, 2023

How to Invest in Bitcoin Without Buying It

The bitcoin price is known for its high volatility. This cryptocurrency has encountered challenging situations and has yet to reach its last peak of $69K. However, it has demonstrated long-term solid growth. Bitcoin (BTC) could rise more and more in the coming years if its use expands and major companies accept it alongside “traditional” currencies.

Today, we will explain the different ways of indirect bitcoin investment. This guide will provide all the information you need to invest in crypto without exposing yourself directly to it, betting on legit companies and platforms operating in the sector. So let’s get started!

Ways to Invest in Bitcoin Without Buying One

We must first understand what ‘indirect’ means to discuss how to invest in bitcoin indirectly. Indirect investment in bitcoin is a way to benefit from the crypto market’s effects without buying it.

For example, you can use other financial products and services that allow you to access exposure to cryptos without owning it. This type of investment carries risks, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how they work or don’t use them properly.

1) Investing in Crypto Company Shares & Stocks

The world of crypto isn’t just about digital coins. There are big companies that work with the blockchain technology behind these coins. If you’re curious abouthow to invest in bitcoin without buying bitcoin, consider investing in these companies. It’s like owning a piece of a company that’s part of the crypto world.

You can get these company pieces by buying shares and stocks in legit places where people buy and sell them like a marketplace. This way, you’re not buying bitcoin but still getting a chance to be part of what these companies are doing.

The more you invest, the bigger your benefits if the company succeeds. However, you can lose your money if this company goes bankrupt.

2) Investing in Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a special way to invest in crypto coins without owning or controlling them. In cloud mining, you can earn crypto coins by renting computing power from other companies that have mining setups. You pay them regular fees; in return, you get a share of the money they make from mining. This is nice because you don’t have to worry about caring for the machines.

However, investing in companies that mine bitcoin can be risky because the value of bitcoin fluctuates a lot, and mining it is hard and needs a lot of energy. Also, the rules could change, making it harder for these companies to make money. If investing in Bitcoin seems too risky for you, we recommend checking out our selection of alternative best crypto to invest in 2024. Investing in bitcoin through mining can be a smart choice if you choose a company that uses clean energy sources. This way you can earn money in an environmentally friendly way.

3) Using Derivatives

Consider derivatives as special tools that let you participate in cryptocurrencies without possessing them. These tools allow you to guess how the prices of bitcoin (or cryptos) might change and how well they might perform in the future, without actually having to buy them.

Although crypto investing can help investors make money, it’s essential to know that using derivatives is more complex than it might sound. They come with their own set of risks and things to understand. Before you jump in, take the time to learn how they work and what could happen if things don’t go as planned.

4) Buying Crypto ETFs

Bitcoin price as of August 2023

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are financial instruments that offer exposure to various assets, including cryptocurrencies. Instead of buying individual tokens, investors can buy and sell shares in the corresponding ETF.

These funds are often backed by major financial institutions, which can lend a degree of stability to your investment. Crypto ETFs are attractive for those looking for an indirect, diversified way of crypto investing.

However, if you prefer crypto trading and have cash, you can buy bitcoin and wait for the right moment to sell it. Of course, in this case, you’ll need a crypto wallet since you’re investing traditionally. Lastly, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research and consult financial advisors to help you answer the question: “Is bitcoin still a good investment or not?”

5) Providing Services in Exchange for BTC

The last method of investing in bitcoin without buying it is providing services and accepting BTC as a payment method. You can collect bitcoin without purchasing it directly through various ways.

First, you can explore platforms that allow you to receive payments in bitcoin for your services. Clients can pay you using this cryptocurrency by adding your bitcoin wallet address to your invoices.

Another approach is to participate in affiliate programs that offer bitcoin rewards. You can earn crypto as commissions by promoting products or services and driving customers to the business. Some freelance platforms allow you to complete tasks or jobs in exchange for bitcoin payments.

Additionally, you might encounter micro-tasks that payout in bitcoin on certain websites. Remember, once you gather enough bitcoin in your digital wallet, you can hodl until the next peak and sell it.


The intersection of traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets has opened up new opportunities for savvy investors and entrepreneurs to explore the blockchain world with less effort. The indirect investment in bitcoin can provide access to a potential new source of profit. Still, it’s essential to understand the risks involved and choose the proper method for your needs before taking the plunge.

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  • Is bitcoin worth investing in?

    Deciding if investing in bitcoin is a good idea depends on how much risk you’re okay with, what you want to achieve financially, and how well you know about the market’s volatility.

  • Which investment method has zero risk?

    None of the mentioned investment methods are risk-free. Each approach involves its level of uncertainty and potential for loss.

  • Is bitcoin safe to invest in?

    Based on the review, it is ultimately up to you to decide if you become a bitcoin investor or not. Proper risk assessment would be a nice tool to answer the question.

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