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What Is Liquidity Farming And How It Works?
March 16, 2023

What Is Liquidity Farming And How It Works?

Nowadays, there are different ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of them. It is a process based on lending cryptos to others without intermediaries. You can buy, hold some crypto and then use it to get a loan from someone else. The DeFi industry grows with new applications, making our financial life more convenient. In this article, we will explore the different Liquidity farming aspects.

What Is Liquidity Farming?

Liquidity farming is a financial concept with unique characteristics. This crypto yield farming is a new method to make passive income from cryptocurrency. That way, you can hold crypto at significantly higher rates than traditional savings accounts. It’s necessary to lock up your assets first to receive periodic interest. Also, the whole process runs through liquidity protocols.

It’s true that the term “farming” may sound funny, but when we think about it, it is a fitting analogy, as it resembles the process of cultivating in real life.

Some experts in liquidity farming explained that this approach would revolutionize HODLing as an investment. HODLing refers to holding crypto regardless of cryptocurrency market performance. If investors can put their crypto to work and earn a return, there may be little incentive to leave their assets inactive.

How Does Liquidity Farming Work

Liquidity farming is when Liquidity Providers (LPs) give money to liquidity pools. These pools use smart contracts to invest the funds in a marketplace for token borrowing, lending and exchanging.

Investors receive a fee for each transaction based on their contribution to the pool. Some liquidity pools offer rewards in the form of tokens. Users can deposit these tokens in other liquidity pools for more rewards.

Presently, liquidity mining mainly happens in the Ethereum ecosystem. It involves ERC-20 tokens, which give ERC-20 token rewards. In the future, liquidity farmers may move funds between blockchains to maximize profits.

The Best Platforms For Yield Farming

Every liquidity farming platform has its unique set of risks and regulations. Below are some of the best ones:

Uniswap Platform

Uniswap is another website where people can trade different crypto with each other on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses a decentralized network protocol and smart contracts. To create a market, liquidity providers need only to deposit two tokens. Thus, liquidity providers can earn money from fees, which come from token swaps that happen in the liquidity pool.

Uniswap is also popular because it’s easy to use and has no problems when people trade.

SushiSwap Platform

It’s not a Japanese plate but a well-known decentralized exchange. SushiSwap is a digital market where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform has a special token called SUSHI. You can earn it simply by putting some of your own funds there. Then use these tokens to get even more rewards or exchange them for other cryptos.

The platform has famous liquidity yield farming and mining options. Many people who use the website think that it will be successful in the future. Also, the website is good for buying and selling things and for staking because it has low fees and is easy to use.

MakerDAO Platform

MakerDAO is a platform that supports a cryptocurrency called DAI. It is a stablecoin that has a close value to USD. They are using automated smart contracts on the ETH blockchain to make it possible.

Maker Vault allows users to deposit assets such as ETH, WBTC or USDC and get DAI tokens in exchange. These DAI tokens come with an interest rate called the “stability fee”. People can use the platform to generate DAI tokens or to set other farming methods.

How Is It Profitable For A User?

Let’s say you’re curious about liquidity farming, yield farming, and liquidity mining. This concept is like earning money from your crypto asset by lending it to other users. On the other hand, there’s something else called crypto staking, which is a bit simpler. It’s like supporting a cryptocurrency; you earn more in exchange.

With crypto staking, you only need to choose where to put your digital funds and wait for more passive income. But, with yield farming, it’s a bit more complicated. To start lending crypto, you must pick the right platform for your needs. Remember, this can be dangerous if the platform shuts down or if something happens to the crypto you lent.

Is liquidity farming worth it? If you love risks, crypto yield farming can be your best choice. It can be as much as 1,000% per year! With crypto staking, you usually get back between 5% and 14% per year.


Yield farming is using cryptocurrency to earn more coins or interest. It’s risky because the crypto market often changes quickly, causing the value to go up and down. Despite the high returns, you need to be careful when yield farming.


  • What is liquidity farming in crypto, and is it legit?

    Liquidity farming is a way to earn more crypto by providing it to a farming protocol as a deposit. The platform then uses your contribution to provide liquidity to other users, and in return, you earn interest. This is a legitimate way to earn more cryptocurrency, but you should always research before starting.

  • What kind of rates can I expect from liquidity farming?

    The rates you can earn depend on two factors—First, the liquidity farming platform and how much they are offering as interest. Due to the competition, some platforms offer higher rates than others. Second, the crypto you’re going to provide. Some cryptocurrencies may have higher volatility, affecting the rates you earn.

  • How can I profit from liquidity farming, and where can I find a guide?

    If you want to make money from liquidity farming, you need a good plan.

    This plan must consider the crypto volatility and the platform’s interest rates.

    You can read guides online to help you start, but be sure to do your research and know the risks. Remember that choosing the correct provider or platform is essential.

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