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NFT Market Drop and Where Is It Heading
November 15, 2023

NFT Market Drop and Where Is It Heading

Every story has a beginning and an end; it looks like the path of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is approaching its final chapter. While a slight cryptocurrency market recovery merked before the NFT sector recorded notably reduced activity compared to its golden era. With a constantly falling number of participants, fewer transactions and low volumes, experts wonder if any solutions exist to overcome the NFT market crash.

Are you an artist looking to sell your creations? Or you want to understand the NFT potential before starting a project? No need to worry you’ve come to the spot. Let’s discuss the factors contributing to this crisis and share our expectations.

Current State of the NFT Market

In 2024, fungible tokens currently face plenty of challenges. Every month, there is a decline recorded in NFT sales. Moreover, we witnessed the NFT market collapse with a decrease in users in the global market. The NFT transactions are down 90% compared to last year, which can be considered a final blow for this crypto activity.

Although such statistics raise concerns for artists who hope NFTs will make their dreams come true, some optimistic experts believe there is still potential for recovery, especially if NFTs create useful applications for their community.

Reasons for the Sharp Decline in NFTs

Percent of nft`s in project with zero sales in 2023

Several factors contributed to the NFT market crash. Firstly, NFTs depend on the crypto price fluctuation, especially on Bitcoin (BTC), the principal actor of digital assets. Therefore, when these cryptocurrencies experience a decrease in value, it impacts NFTs, leading to reduced activity. Hence, whether one is invested in cryptocurrencies or NFTs, a bear market negatively impacts both.

Additionally, the decline of NFTs can be attributed to negative experiences. Even though many people are fascinated by the overall concept of NFTs, some have fallen for scams and deceptive schemes that have led to feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Finally, there has been a decrease in interest among people regarding NFTs within the realm of art collections. It is just not everyone who possesses the same level of art expertise. While one may admire creations, it doesn’t necessarily mean an art transaction.

What to Expect in the Future?

The coming days or months for NFTs may be uncertain because of several factors. One reason is the NFT market volatility, meaning that NFTs can go up and down in value quickly. This connects to the market corrections and how major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH change in value. If these cryptocurrencies stay unstable and go through big sudden drops, NFTs could face serious issues.

Also, NFTs may experience some degree of decline with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, art lovers who tend to appreciate manual techniques will no longer be able to distinguish between creative work made of ideas and emotions and AI work done in three seconds.

In contrast, hope is still alive in the long run. According to numerous NFT experts, the industry will come back in only one condition: this would happen by finding real-world uses for NFTs beyond just buying and selling them for profit.

While NFTs might go a rocky road ahead in the short term, their future still looks bright, especially if the market can adapt their utility to our needs.

Should You Still Buy NFTs?

Percent of the blockchain investments

Are NFTs still worth investing in 2024? This is a question that necessitates a grasp of the present scenario. Buying NFTs in 2024 depends on various factors, including your investment aims. Indeed, the industry dropped significantly in 2022 until now, raising concerns about NFT valuation. However, one must admit that celebrities worldwide are still interested in various NFT projects.

The market is not doing well after the bubble burst, but according to NFT gurus, there are indications of potential revival. Some data indicate that the NFT market growth is expected to reach over three billion dollars after four years.

According to “The History and Future of NFTs”, an article published in Forbes, NFTs will have broader utility beyond purely speculative investment tools. There are new opportunities for metaverse exploration; other digital experiences emerge, too.


Despite the decline in the NFT value, some experts believe that these digital assets will remain important in the future such as Sandbox. Various crypto-focused media share this perspective. It is also crucial to focus on the positive side, considering that some NFT collections retain their value, including the prestigious Bored Ape Yacht Club, with an average price of $40,000.

This industry is waiting for a new peak in cryptocurrencies to regain its value and pace. For this reason, the idea that a useful technology like NFTs will disappear altogether is unrealistic.


  • What are NFTs?

    Non-fungible tokens are digital assets for unique creations. What sets them apart is their connection to blockchain technology to verify the item’s security, uniqueness, and ownership. For artists, this concept is a new way to protect intellectual property.

  • What caused the NFT market crash?

    The NFT market decline is due to its ties to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum’s high volatility. These coins may lose value, and it would affect the NFT value. Additionally, some people have lost faith in NFTs due to scams and false promises.

  • Are high Ethereum gas fees contributing to the NFT market's decline?

    Yes, high Ethereum gas fees could contribute to the NFT market collapse. Ethereum, the #1 blockchain for many popular projects, has experienced increasing gas fees, making it expensive for users to mint and trade NFTs.

  • Can NFTs recover long-term sustainability?

    Despite market speculation and recent decline, NFTs can still regain their footing long-term by finding practical uses beyond just trading to make money. This scenario can work if the NFT concept is applied in the real world.

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