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Shanghai Hard Fork: What To Expect From The New Big Ethereum Upgrade
March 2, 2023

Shanghai Hard Fork: What To Expect From The New Big Ethereum Upgrade

Since the last upgrade in September, when Ethereum switched to a proof-of-stake system, the project has been preparing for its next big move, called “Shanghai Hard Fork”. Once the developers finish the upgrade, the validators operating in this network can finally withdraw about 16 million staked ETH.

Even though Shanghai’s primary goal is to implement Ethereum Improvement Proposal-4895, which enables validator withdrawals, the complete list of changes for the update has now been finalized. These changes include other enhancements that will likely capture the attention of Ethereum app developers and many blockchain users.

Ethereum Shanghai Update Overview

In March, Ethereum will get an upgrade in Shanghai. This is a big change after “the Merge” in September 2022. It’s called the “Ethereum Shanghai fork.” This shift will affect the economy in many different areas.

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade will bring some changes. There are five new ideas called Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). One of them, EIP-4895, is the most important this month. EIP-4895 will let people take out their ETH if it has been locked up for more than two years. This could affect how people use Ethereum and how much it’s worth.

In September 2022, Ethereum changed how it works. It used to use something called proof-of-work (PoW), but now it uses something called proof-of-stake (PoS), which is staking Ethereum. However, if you want to participate in PoS, you must have 32 ETH, which can be challenging for small investors. Some places like Lido and Coinbase will let you stake smaller amounts of ETH for a fee. The staking of Ethereum could affect the Ethereum market cap. 

The majority of people ask the same question: how high will Ethereum go in light of this upgrade? Users are excited about this hard fork. With it, they can take back their Ethereum that has been stuck for around two years or since staking started. As a result, this upgrade could affect the Ethereum value and have significant implications for the future. 

What is EIP-4895?

EIP-4895, an Ethereum Improvement Proposal, aims to modify the Ethereum protocol to enable validators to withdraw their staked Ether (ETH) from the network. Validators required to lock up 32 ETH to participate in the block validation process can now withdraw 16 ETH of their staked ETH Shanghai’s Hard Fork that was programmed in March 2023.

The primary objective of this proposal was to secure the Ethereum network and encourage the community to collaborate on the project. Validators knew their staked ETH and rewards would remain locked until a subsequent chain update. Since Ethereum released its PoS “Beacon Chain” as the first step toward the Merge in December 2020, validators have been staking ETH and earning rewards.

Considering this update to the Ethereum network and its impact on validators, some common questions may arise: will Ethereum crash after the hard fork or the opposite, and what is the ethereum price prediction 2024? Considering the positive news and the profound long-term vision of Ethereum’s developers, most crypto experts predict a bright future for ETH.

How Can a Validator Unstake its ETH

Once the next Ethereum upgrade, Shanghai, goes live, validators have two options to unstake their ETH. The first option involves setting up a withdrawal credential that automatically unstake the rewards earned from the validator. The second option is to exit the Beacon Chain and unstake all 32 ETH by removing your validator from the blockchain

On the other hand, the timeline for accessing the ETH depends on how many people will unstake at a time. According to Marius Van Der Wijden, a developer at the Ethereum Foundation, validators can only put 16 partial withdrawal requests every 12 seconds. Moreover, the blockchain has a single queue for both full and partial withdrawals. Yet, not all validators will exit the blockchain, as staking will enable a new chapter for the future of Ethereum.

What’s Next for Ethereum after the Shanghai Hard Fork?

The developers wanted to return the ETH that people had staked quickly, so they decided to keep the scope of Shanghai small. In addition, some big changes to Ethereum got delayed until the third quarter of 2023. One of these changes is called “proto-danksharding,” which helps the blockchain smoothly handle more transactions. Also, they plan to make some upgrades to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


The future of Ethereum looks promising, thanks to the recent surge in its popularity and value. One of the key drivers of success is the upcoming Ethereum upgrade news, which promises to make the cryptocurrency faster, more efficient, and more secure. 

Overall, the future of Ethereum looks bright, and it is expected to remain one of the most popular cryptos for years to come. Investors are keeping a close eye on Ethereum and considering it as a potential investment opportunity. As long as Ethereum news continues to be positive, everything will be alright.

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  • When is the Ethereum upgrade?

    The Ethereum blockchain is a significant upgrade called “the future Shanghai Hard Fork” made in March 2023. This upgrade brought various improvements to the network for better performance.

  • Is Ethereum a good investment?

    Ethereum is a decentralized platform with Ether (ETH) that has grown significantly. But as with any investment, there are risks involved. Research and consider your investment strategy. Check cryptocurrency blogs for insights on growth, prices, and forecasts.

  • Why is Ethereum going up?

    Ethereum is going up due to increased demand from investors and traders, as well as its unique features such as smart contracts and decentralized applications. Additionally, mining Ethereum has become more profitable, attracting more miners to the network.

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